Goldstar App launches Dice In Line

Check out Dice In Line an addictive and entertaining Dice game. Available on the App Store
Coming soon on Android...

About Goldstar App

GoldStar App provides games,financial, Imaging , Sports and Fitness Applications that runs on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Devices. GoldStar App also provides consulting work to clients who want to convert their ideas/concenpt into a mobile applications. Please visit our Games, Financial, Imaging, Sports and Fitness application page for more details about our product.

Consulting Work

GoldStar App develop and deliver applications for both iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android platform. If you want an application for your customer or want to convert concept/idea into an application, GoldStar App can help you with various stages of application development and deployment. GoldStar App helps our clients with:

      - Converting idea/concepts into (deployable) application.
      - Help clients with opening developer accounts.
      - Help clients publishing an application.

Please send us an email for more information or your application needs.

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